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Our Online and Classroom Offerings


IELTS is the testing method by which it is possible to check how good a person is in English speaking, listening reading, and writing.



OET has been developed specifically for 12 healthcare professions. Tests reflect real workplace tasks and relevant language skills.

beginner mate

Survival English Communication- Learn basic concepts, speaking formation.

Basic Mate

Confident English Communication - Improve pronunciation, speaking, grammar and vocabulary.

Advance Mate

Proficient English Communication-Achieve natural fluency,accuracy and confidence.


Career Mate

Essential Business Communication Skills to prepare for career Advancement needs.

Kids Mate

Foundation English Speaker program- learning English concepts in fun-filled, way interesting to Kids.

Young Learner Mate

Articulate English Speaker program customized for School goers to build their career for young learners mate

High School Mate

Advance English Speaker program tailored for student's finished School and undergoing career exploration.

University Mate

Mastery English Communication for actively listening and writing and speaking.


HomeMaker Mate

Waystage English Communication program customized keeping Homemakers/Mothers needs in mind

Graduate Mate

Now is the time to find a job in the field where you’d like to or plan for PG. if you plan to go for job

Professional Mate

If you are a working professional, English Language to Develop Skill and Growth is very important.

Personality Development

Personality Development

Personality is defined as appearance, behaviour, communication and attitude in front of the other people.

Learning Process

  • S- Specific- You want to learn Beginner Level English, Advance Level English, Business English, Voice and Accent English. You want to score very high in IELTS Generals or IELTS Academic.

  • M- Measurable-   You can measure your progress yourself every 15 days through video recording. 

  • A-Attainable- We will let you know that whatever you want to achieve is attainable in that time period.
  • R-Relevant- We will let you know how you how your goal is relevant for you. We will guide you based on the need like if you want to go for BPO job then you need to opt for Voice and accent training apart from grammar. We will not focus on writing
  • T-Timebound - You want to speak English fluently in next 6 months.

Our team will interact with you to know what you want to achieve from English after the one-to-one interaction.

Have you spent hours and hours learning some  vocabulary or sounds or phrases or grammar rules, but a few days or weeks later, the knowledge had almost gone ? So, here is the solution: spaced repetition technique. Spaced repetition is a scientifically proven technique that slows down the process of forgetting.  We make sure you practice the previously learned content with increasingly intervals. It can be an hour, then a day, then weekly, then fortnightly then monthly.

  • How good you are in speaking English?
  • How good you are in reading English?
  • How good you are in writing English?
  • How good you are in listening English?
  • How good you are in understanding English?

Our Course content is designed based on PARETO Principle- The 80/20 rule. We have combined 80% content to 20% by doing research on content which means by doing only 20% of effort one achieve 80% output.

Based on your assessment and what you want to achieve, our team will suggest you the course duration, course content, and fee structure. We will also explain you 100% learning assurance process through our SMART Goal achievement technique.

Our motto is your language partner for life.  Once you have achieved your goal and still you are facing some challenges on some topics we will give you complementary classes on those topics.

Spokenmate believe in two way communication so you will get to know better language with sufficient discussion time with your trainers.

Why Study With Us

We Are Best...

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S.M.A.R.T goal achievement method for 100% assured learning.
Spaced Repetition Technique that slows down the process of forgetting.
Live classes with individual student library
Money-back-guarantee. If we do not meet your expectations.
The course designed based on the Pareto principle.

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