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Because of globalization, everyone’s interest in English has increased. Educated people are also lagging behind in the competition of globalization due to weakness in English. At present, it is not possible to do everything with the mother tongue alone. From changing lifestyles to getting jobs, promotion, use of information technology, import-export work, the need to know English is increasing.

English is the international language. The only means of communication in the modern world is English. There creates panic among all of us about English such as Students, teachers, even parents. However, the importance of English as an international language and the use of English in daily life are increasing day by day. Institutionally, English language education is essential for attaining higher degrees in play-nursery classes and government primary schools starting from first-class to higher education universities. The use or importance of English as an official language is immense not only in acquiring formal education.

Besides that, it becomes important to learn the English language for all the housewives, immensely. It will benefit them in many ways to communicate with children in English to help them in their studies. Even the housewives, can start their own business also and can be an individual successful woman.

Advantages Of Learning English Classes For Housewives/Mothers

In this context, I will discuss with all of you about the advantages of English classes for housewives, in detail. Let us have a quick look at this topic without wasting a single minute.

1. Development Self Confidence

In most of the Indian families, the housewives or women of the house are so able to speak the English language fluently. Even after that know the language, they feel inferior to speak the language in front of others if in case they made any mistakes in their conversation. Thus, they always prefer to speak in their mother tongue mostly. Therefore, to build the self-confidence in them the English classes play a vital role. With the help of these English classes, they can learn to speak the language and gain confidence in them to a good conversation with others.

2. Attend Parents Meeting

In many cases, we observe that in the English medium school meetings the parents are invited to join the meeting ones or twice in the year. Nevertheless, the lack of English knowledge the women of the house do not go to the meetings. If they learn this language and take the help of these English classes then they can also take part in the meeting and understand everything that is happening in the meeting.

3. Read English Book And Magazine

With the help of the English classes, the housewives can read all the English books, novel, and magazines and understand the concept of those books easily. Therefore, the importance of the English language for all of them is very essential.

4. Help Children In Study

After the finish the whole course of English learning classes, the housewives can also help their children in their studies. However, primary education all the children get from their mothers. For academic studies, if a mother or housewife, is good in English then they can easily help them out in their studies.

5. Have A Good Conversation With Others

The English language knowledge can help all the housewives to speak in English with their family members, children, friends, and other people. They can understand and make others understand everything easily. Thus, they all should learn the language through English classes.

Keeping all the above things in minds, Spokenmate has designed  customized course for spoken English classes for housewives and mother at Noida and Delhi Centre.   They can attend online English speaking classes also.  

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