Top 15 Tips for Learning English At Home

In today’s world, the English language has been accepted as a universal language. This is because English is one of the most widely spoken languages throughout the world. And so, the inclination to learn English has increased rapidly.

As it is such a popular language, knowing English often makes us feel confident and proficient. From kids to homemakers or working professional or a student, everyone seems to be interested in learning this language, and we can say there are various reasons behind such interest.

Importance of Learning English:

Knowing English helps you in all sectors of life, if you are a student who is pursuing education from school or college or a graduate who is looking for jobs, English has become a major factor to become successful in your career. Not only for your career, but English also plays a major role in building and boosting your confidence.

For a homemaker, who if is not pursuing a professional career, English will anyway help in making the personal life better. A homemaker who looks after the kids and their education must know the language as it will make life easier in understanding the kid’s needs and also will make life a lot more entertaining as we know, English is the language of the internet and it also gives us access to multiple cultures.

Where to Learn From?

Learning a new language at any age can be interesting and fun and there is nothing to be ashamed of, even if it is a language known to most of the people around us. There are plenty of English coaching centres, spoken English institutions available to go to and learn this beautiful language.

We live in a world where everything is available to us just a click away and so there are almost no barriers to learning. And thus, even if you live in an area where there are no institutes available, you can always go for online classes and courses.

You could be pursuing your degree, or managing your household, or working as an employee and have no time to attend the classes physically and learn English. Online courses then come to your rescue. One such institute is Spokenmate, based in Sector 18, Noida this institute runs online classes and courses based on your requirements.

Spokenmate has a list of programs that they provide to choose from. There are programs available for kids, school students, college students, graduates, housewives and even working professionals. These are all specialised courses and will provide you with those exact skills which you need to progress in life and career without burning a hole in your pocket.

Tips to Learn English At the Comfort of Your Home

A few tips and tricks will make your task of learning English even easier and here they are:

  1. Make English a part of your life 

As we all know India is a multilingual country and English is not a very popular language that people use for speaking in their daily lives except for work. So, we may not get a lot of English-speaking people for conversations.

Instead, what we could do is use English as the main language in our day-to-day work like writing notes or even a shopping list.

  1. Try having conversations with English speakers

If you know people who could speak fluently in English, don’t be shy and speak to them in English only and tell them to help you correct your flaws.

  1. Join a spoken English course

Online courses as said earlier are available at home and as per your requirements so nothing better than joining a course and giving yourself professional guidance to learn the language.

  1. Watch English TV shows and movies with subtitles

It could be the most entertaining process as what is better if you could learn something new while relaxing. Try watching everything with subtitles, you will understand the words better and also the accent.

  1. Maintain a diary or blog or journal in English

Write every day a few sentences about your day in a diary and read them to hear them and check whether they sound right.

  1. Read English books, comics, magazines

Reading books with pictures as in comics help you to understand the meaning of the words better and increases your vocabulary as well.

  1. Listen to English radio, songs, podcasts, news

Listening to radio and podcasts make you conditioned to hear correct English in terms of grammar and pronunciation as well. Once you get used to hearing correct grammar you can point out the mistakes in your English on your own.

  1. Play video games in English

While playing multiplayer games online you get to meet new people who can be English speakers. Also, while playing story mode games you will get to hear English audio along with subtitles.

  1. Try having conversations with yourself

Most of us talk to our own selves in our head. Have that conversation loudly and in English in front of a mirror. You will get to hear yourself and will know what mistakes you are doing.

  1. Use English as your speaking language

Try having conversations in English wherever possible and with people you are comfortable like your parents and friends.

  1. Learn about the English culture

Learning the history and culture of a language will help you more in understanding the language and growing your interest in it.

  1. Learn English grammar 

Speaking and writing English with correct grammar is very important even if you use simple words. A well written-piece with correct grammar always creates a better impact.

  1. Increase your vocabulary

Try reading dictionaries! It may sound weird but you don’t need to read the whole book. Try reading a page or two every day and you will get to know many new words with their meanings and hence you will know their correct usage as well.

  1.  Never be afraid of making mistakes

While learning anything new such as a language or a skill, as humans we are bound to make mistakes. Don’t be scared, learn from your mistakes and work on them to improve even more.

  1. Practice is the key

As the old saying goes, ‘practice makes a man perfect’, is absolutely true here as well. The more you practice, you will learn and improve the more. Don’t lose hope, it will take time but you will get there for sure!

Keep working hard and love the learning process and you will surely succeed in learning the language.

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