Teach Spoken English To Kids

How To Teach Spoken English To Kids?

When learning a new language comes relatively easily and quickly, children are at a prime age. If you honestly want to teach Spoken English to your kids, you can follow the simple steps:

  1. Start early.
  2. Immerse your children in the English language and take advantage of this young age and as soon as possible.
  3. To facilitate ease of speaking and an extensive vocabulary, make sure spoken English is incorporated into daily routines.

Try out these home-friendly ideas to teach Spoken English to your child from a young age.

Have a days English only in your home:

All children like different games, especially when those games involve friendly and healthy competition among siblings. Set aside at least one weekday every week to be ‘English only’ in your home.

This means that on that specific day, only English speaking is allowed. Create a small jar for each and every member of the family and place the jars in a noticeable area, such as the kitchen counter.

  • Play non-material games like ‘rainy day’:

Quick and easy games that one can play without many materials are rainy day games. A ‘rainy day’ game that is perfect and will get children speaking and spelling in English is Hangman. All one need is a pencil and a piece of paper!

Create a developing story which is another great ‘game’ that isn’t really a game at all! This type of games is perfect for a group that is small. Each child mostly will write their name at the top of a sheet of paper and then begin the first line as, “once upon a time”.

Then, have each kid pass their writing to the very next person sitting on their left. Now, each child will try to make up and write on the second line of the paper after the first sentence of a story.

Again fold the paper down, so that no writing is detectable. Pass the papers also to the left. At this point, the children must not be seeing any of the previously written material but will still try to write another line of the story.

Keep folding and passing until the sheet reaches to the original owner. Make each child read their crazy English story out loud. The intention should be to teach Spoken English to your children in a fun way without leaving the living room!

  • Watch A Movie in English (with subtitle if required):

Let media and technology work in your favour! Let your children decide a movie they intend to watch in English. Every now and then pause the movie and ask prompting questions such as, “Why did he/she say that?” or “What do you think will happen next?”. At the end of the movie, have your kid say least favourite part in English or their favourite part.

Watching English movie introduces children to a greater variety of contexts, phrases and vocabulary words. In addition, the film allows them to internalize correct English pronunciation. Try having an English movie night on the same night every week, perhaps the same night you have ‘English only’ day at your home! If you want to be really proactive, have the winner of ‘English only’ day choose the English movie for the night! This does give your children an even greater motivation to speak English.

  • Hire a that keeps a check on the Spoken English:

Hiring a Spoken English caretaker is the perfect win-win solution for any person, especially on nights when you need to leave your children at home. While their children are having an educational and safe evening, parents can be at its ease.

Unlike parents or siblings, an English speaking caretaker may only be responsibly able to make your child speak English. In attempts to communicate with their caretaker, your children will naturally put more effort into speaking English. 

  • Play educational computer games available online:

To help children learn the English language, there is a surprising amount of free educational computer games. To help children learn, spoken English games are great tools. Many of the games teach them pronunciation and speak to your child.

This matching game while showing them pictures of objects speaks to your child. This method provides repetition of words as well as the context so that your child will begin to naturally and correctly pronounce them. Children who are beginning to learn, this suffix matching game is perfect for more in-depth vocabulary.

After mastering this game, children will be able to understand better what a plethora of vocabulary words pertaining to, despite not knowing their meaning.

Why SpokenMate is considered good kids?

SpokenMate provides the best guidance students, and they learn the skills from well-organized courses that offer with all the essential facilities that a student requires for learning proper English. SpokenMate comprises an Expert Faculty of Mentors who teach not only the structural but also make practical practice parts of the English language in a humorous and enjoyable atmosphere.

Here are a few reasons why I decided to choose SpokenMate: 

  • Online classes as well as classroom programs: SpokenMate has kept in mind and designed courses for even those who aren’t able to attend their classroom programs. They provide courses in both online and offline mode. SpokenMate has made learning easier for everyone. 
  • Trained professionals: Trainers at SpokenMate are an expert at their job, making sure that people coming from various backgrounds were given the proper opportunity to interact with each other. They helped me in growing my interest in the subject. The trainers kept the sessions interactive and engaging. This helped in boosting confidence. 
  • Variety of courses to choose from:  SpokenMate caters to everyone’s needs and offers classes for every age group such as – beginners, kids, school and college students, job seekers, college pass outs and homemakers or mothers. SpokenMate offers a wide range of courses for the various individual.
  • Distinctive teaching method: SpokenMate has a specific and unique approach for training their students. They organize on-site visits to public locations such as heritage sites, malls, restaurants, parks and many more. This encourages the students to push their boundaries and come out of their comfort zone. This method of training enables students in implementing the knowledge they gained in the classrooms.

Professionals develop their courses, and on successful completion of the course, each student is certified. This course has shaped into a better persona and helped me discover a new version of me that I never knew existed. 

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