In this article, you will get to know about the tips for speaking English fluently. As in today’s scenario, the English language has become one of the most common languages whether it is about reading, writing or speaking. It is the most suitable and prefered language anywhere.

In society, the one who has an art of public speaking is remembered for a long period of time.

So it has become an essential part of everyone’s life in the present scenario. It is necessary to gain success to develop one’s personality.

But it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many people find it hard to learn English. So, here they will have the right guidance to master English.


  • Build up confidence.
  • Improves personality.
  • It makes the interaction with other people easier for a successful career.
  • Creates a good impression.


  • Practice – As it is known that practice makes a man perfect, the same applies to learning English also. Speak English as much as you can.

Just speak without taking care of other people present in your surroundings or accent, just speak, as much as you can. It will make you confident.

  • Read Regularly – One must keep reading the books regularly word by word loudly to improve English. Hence, reading improves the speaking proficiency of the person. It will help in improving your pronunciation.

Read the books regularly whether for a short period of time only but daily.

  • Learn New Words Regularly – It is a must while learning any new language to learn a new word everyday. Choose a single word daily and learn that and it’s meaning also. It will improve one’s vocabulary.

It will improve the understanding towards English culture, philosophy etc.

  • Writing – One must write articles, essays in order to improve their English as it enhances one’s thinking and understanding power.
  • English Music – Listening to English music will help to learn English. It will help a person to cope up with the words efficiently. Go through the lyrics and learn their meanings and then, try to use them in your daily routine.
  • English Movies – It will improve the capacity of learning English by hearing and grasping the words. Watch English movies, dramas, and many more in order to learn English.
  • Be with People who speak English – The surroundings affect our lives the most. So, it is important to be with those people who speak English. Try to talk as much as possible with them.
  • Keep a Dictionary – It will help in better understanding of English and to learn new words with meanings at a time.

Avoid various phrases while learning-

  • Tell me your name – Instead of this, use  ‘What’s your name?’ or ‘ Where are you from?’
  • Sir or Ma’am – Instead of this, use Hey, Akash or Hey, Seema. As these are formal words, use them only when speaking with outsiders but when you are talking with your close ones use this.
  • Goodbye – Use bye or I’ll see you rather than goodbye. As it is a formal phrase.
  • Words or phrases which you don’t understand – As a beginner, you should put efforts on using small phrases or words which you understand very well.

All of the above mentioned tips will surely help to be a fluent English speaker.

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