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How To Prepare For PTE Exam At Home

The PTE Academic examination is the first entirely online English language test for international study and immigration that is accepted across the globe. Powered by AI technology, PTE Academic offers a fast and convenient testing way without human bias.

The PTE test helps in assessing the four skills of speaking, writing, reading, and listening. The test is approximate 3 hours and provides a GSE score (Global Scale of English).

PTE Academic scores are accepted by numerous institutions globally and approved for all Australian, UK, and New Zealand visa and immigration categories. PTE test sessions can be scheduled up to 24 hours in advance all around the year.

Ways To Prepare For PTE Exam At Home

In the following article, we have mentioned the top PTE exam preparation methods for studying from home.

Have a proper understanding of the PTE Test Format

A candidate must know the PTE exam format for a candidate starting with their PTE exam preparation at home. Few things to be kept in mind:

  • PTE is a computer-based exam;
  • PTE Academic exam pattern consists of speaking, writing, reading, and listening.
  • PTE exam pattern has characteristic question types;
  • PTE has mentioned the predetermined time limits for most of the tasks;
  • PTE scoring method involves partial credit too

Best Resources for PTE Preparation

It is usually advised that candidates practice from PTE practice resources, but apart from that, a few more valuable PTE study materials have been listed here:

Go through the academic content from Science Daily and The Conservation in order to sharpen your reading skills. This will help you in preparing for the PTE reading test. Work on a range of skills, such as summary, vocabulary and grammar, punctuation, analysis, and orthography.

To sharpen your listening skills, getting hold of the vocabulary and accent, try TED conversations, audiobooks, radio stations, and podcasts by Radio National and BBC. This will help you in preparing for the PTE listening test.

Take grammar lessons for 30 minutes in order to focus on a particular grammar or punctuation point and include an engaging video to improve your language skills.

Get Proper Rest

Loss of motivation is a huge problem among aspirants. In order to not lose motivation, here are some tips for maintaining balance during your PTE preparation:

  1. Get away from the desk every 30-45 minutes. Go for a walk, stretch, or play a sport to refresh your body and mind for a few minutes.
  • Keep moisturized and eat healthy, fresh food. When we study many resources, we use them so that our bodies can carry vitamins, water, and nutrients to both the bodies and brains. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking an adequate amount of water and also get a quick snack such as fruits or nuts when feeling hungry.
  • If you’re tired, have a rest or a snooze, it’s unbelievable how much a 20-minute power nap can help you concentrate.
  • Schedule a workout session. Take a 10–20-minute walk, schedule a yoga class or an online training course – so many excellent ones are instantly available – or do some breathing and stretching exercises.
  • These are all of the excellent value for proper concentration and proper research.
  • On completing your PTE study at home for the day, please make sure to reward yourself with some good music, TV shows, a podcast, or a book.

PTE exam acts as a priority test when it comes to pursuing a degree abroad. The PTE exam preparation at home will help the candidates score high and keep the candidates safe from the pandemic happening around.

What is the best way for preparing for PTE?

PTE preparation can be done at home. Many coaching centres offer online classes, making it convenient for aspirants to prepare for the PTE exam.

Practice reading every day from various materials. Also, from academic contexts provided in the PTE preparation blogs and focus on grammar, pronunciations, sentence structure, and punctuation.

  • Practice listening to native English accents, especially TED talks and podcasts.
  • Focus on the vocabulary and the speed.
  • For writing, practice the PTE exam preparation free materials for grammar.
  • Only study from authentic materials.
  • Model answers are saviours
  • Rigorous practice
  • Regular English reading
  • Record yourself while speaking

PTE Exam Preparation Tips

PTE Exam Preparation: PTE Speaking and Writing

The following tips are for the PTE exam are exclusively for PTE speaking and PTE writing test:

  1. PTE Read Aloud: Read new words loudly so that you can get the pronunciation right.
  • PTE Repeat Sentence: It is advised not to return to modify any sentence or have uncertainty.
  • PTE Describe Image: Illustrate the brand’s generic content and brief the facts by connecting with the details.
  • PTE Retell Structure: Focus on the lecture along with jotting down notes.
  • PTE Answer Short Question: Answer with a singular word or brief phrase.
  • PTE Summarize the Written Text: Scan the content and the length of the summary.
  • PTE Essay: Design the outline of the essay, draft it, assess it and finalize.

PTE Exam Preparation: PTE Reading

The following PTE preparation tips are especially for PTE reading:

  1. PTE Multiple choice – single answer: Only concentrate on the familiar words.
  • PTE Multiple choice- multiple answers: When you’re confused, check the answer.
  • PTE Re-order paragraphs: Do touch every solution rather than keeping them blanks.
  • PTE Reading: fill the blanks: Fill in the blanks step by step.
  • PTE Reading and writing: fill in the blanks: Idea of language and word knowledge will fill the blanks.

PTE Exam Preparation: PTE Listening

During the PTE exam preparation plan, considering the following PTE listening preparation tips might be helpful:

  1. PTE Summarize Spoken Text: Make a summary of the lecture in your own words.
  • PTE Multiple Choice – Multiple Answers: Listen to the question till the end of the lecture.
  • PTE Fill in the Blanks: Refrain from pausing to scan what you wrote before the end of the lecture.
  • PTE Highlight Correct Summary: Pay attention to what you are listening to and jot down the notes.
  • PTE Multiple Choice – Single Answer: Don’t pause during the middle of the recording.
  • PTE Select Missing Word: Concentrate on the major themes of the recording.
  • PTE Highlight Incorrect Words: Be prepared with the cursor while the recording plays, and immediately select the inaccurate word.
  • PTE Write from the Dictation: Immediately write down the sentence and make changes once you finish.

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