Difference between When You Work From Home and When You Work In Office

Difference between When You Work From Home and When You Work In Office

Today we all are facing a situation that occurs in our life like a storm and which changes a lot of things in our daily life. The schools, colleges, institutions all are closed due to the corona virus. Even the transporting system is not working systematically as it was in the previous. Therefore, all those people who worked in private and government sectors, all their works shifted from there to their home.

Every jobholder is doing their work from home and maintains their timing as well. For the corona virus and in this pandemic time, we all are even feeling worried to go out. Thus, most of the job sectors take the decision to work from home. However, there are many differences between work from home and work in the office.

Here we will discuss all those differences briefly to understand every one of them. The situation creates a break in our professional life. Without having any other options in this pandemic time, we all have to adjust to this situation. We almost make ourselves imprisoned in our homes due to the corona virus. Besides, these things we have to lead our lives within this difficult phase as well.

What Work From Home Offers You?

At this time, people are working from their home now a day. This work from home brings some positive sides and some negative sides as well. Let us see those things in detail.

Positive Sides Of Work From Home

Now I will discuss with all of you some of the good things about work from home. Let see those good things.

1. Save Time

If you are working from your home then it saves many times of yours. Suppose you do not get any employment but still want to do a job, you can pick a job online and start incoming. You will not have to go out or for the office. There requires no time to maintain or to wear the formal dresses that a jobholder generally wears. You can save your time, by choose work from home.

Through as of now most of the jobholders are doing their work from their home and it offers them to save their time, which wasted in the journey from home to office.

2. Familiar Environment

In work from home, you remain all the time in your house. You can spend a lot of time with your family members besides that, you can work for your office as well. You will be in a familiar environment all the time.

3. Define The Time

If you choose to work from home over office work, then you can choose your own time. You can work in your scheduled time and you need not have to follow the office hours.

4. Work In Casual Dresses

In any outfits or dress, you can start your work while doing work from home. However, in the office, you have to put the formal dress to go there and to work as well.

Negative Sides Of Work From Home

With the positive sides, there also have some bad sides as well. Let us look on those sides.

1. Solitary Confinement

In work from home, it is imprisonment; I mean you have to remain all the time in your home. There are no tours and communication with friends.

2. Technical Issues

You may face technical issues like internet problems and other things, which happens in the offices less.

3. Lack Of Disciplines

You will not able to learn all the disciplines that an office only offers you.

What Office Work Offers You?

Now take a look at what are the positive and negative sides of working in the office.

Positive Sides:

Some Of The Positive Sides Are

1. Motivation For Career Growth

When you work in the office atmosphere, you can take your senior’s advice and suggestions. Even though you are in limitations and control, you can watch your co-workers and get the motivation to work more hard.

2. Social Network

In-office work, you can communicate with all your friends or colleagues. Discuss projects and meetings as well.

3. Get Feedbacks

You will be appreciated for your work instantly. If you work well then your seniors will admire you and give their feedback immediately for your work.

Negative Sides

Some Of Negative Sides Are

1. The Commute

You will have to go daily to the office whether you are well or not. Even you have reached the office at the right time. Traveling will be a part of your life; if you reach late in the office then you have to explain it.

2. No Corner Office

In the offices, there are no corners left from where you can see whether it is day or night, raining, or sunlight.

Difference Between Work From Home And Work In Office

As it is mentioned above, there are some differences in doing work from home and work in offices. People may like or dislike the ways. However, generally, people like to go to the offices because there they will get so many things that they will not get if they work from home.

Work from home lacks social communication with friends or others while working the offices offer this thing a lot.

One can face technical time many times while working from home, sometimes it takes a lot of time to solve. On the other hand, in the offices, this problem will solve immediately.

You will not able to learn all those technical things or disciplines if you work from home while working in the offices will help you out to learn these things easily.

One can get immediate feedback if he or she works well. However, in-home, none will appreciate your good works. In addition, you will never get the chance to improve your skill and be promoted.


Finally, here are all the differences between work from home and work in office for you all to know and understand.