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About Spokenmate

In this world, there are more than 6000 languages, which exist. Every particular language is spoken by different country’s people and by different religious people.

In our past days when there was no internet facility for us, people have to go to the far away from their own city to another country for various purposes. The purposes can be for study, job, vacation, business trip, or meeting and take part in competition. For these reasons, people face many problems to communicate with other people for language barriers. After that, they try to learn their languages to communicate with them and make a good conversation as well as understand each and other words.
Now with time and with the help of the internet, the world becomes very small. It becomes very easy to communicate with other. It does not matter whether you are traveling to another country or not or know their local language or not, you can easily communicate with them. Internet access makes this thing easy for us. 


To become world leader to provide best language and life skills coaching to individuals to fuel their personal and professional growth.


Transform the life of at least 10,000 Individuals each year by providing a platform to improvise their language and life skills.

Our objective is to help individual in achieve goal every stage of his/her life. After lot of research, found that these are the things are required for successful life by every individual.

  1. Languages – Medium of communication between people ( English, Spanish, German, French, Hindi , Chinese and many more)
  2. Soft-skills– Soft skills are competitive weapons in today’ world. These are about time management, Responsibility, work ethics, flexibility, teamwork, Consistency and predictability, Problem solving, troubleshooting and speed-reading and more.
  3. Hard-skills – These are related to specific domain/technical knowledge (Engineers, Doctors , Scientists, Astronauts, footballer,  and many more)
  4. Interview skills– These are about cracking the interviews.
  5. Personality Development- Personality development is about interpersonal skills, Facial expressions, Body language,  positive attitude, assertive nature, communication skills, listening skills, developing empathy, Behavior with people.   This is must for career growth and Leadership.

Spokenmate is a team of professionals who have worked in various industries and Domains (software development, trainings, manpower consulting).   After decades of working with International clients, Government bodies, Universities, We have designed programs for the above mentioned course.

Language Learning: 

Our language learning program is designed for all those who want to learn new language irrespective of age, profession.

Have you ever thought how a just 2 year kid starts speaking any language?  Or how you started speaking your current language?   The answer is because of language environment. We all can learn in simple way.  Spoken mate has developed its own Learning language process and if you follow our process then you will speak any language fluently.

  1. Attentive Listening- We make sure that you should pay attention on whatever you listen.
  2. Effective Speaking- We focus on various parts like tone, volume and pitch so that you speak effectively.
  3. Active Reading- Focus here is to understand the things which you are reading.
  4. Correct Writing- You should be able to write correct sentences.
  5. Correct Understanding- Focus here is to understand the other person ‘s word.  Reading between the lines.

Top Speaking languages in the world with numbers:

  1. English- Around 2000 million total speaker
  2. Spanish- Around 534  million total speaker
  3. French- Around 280 million total speaker
  4. Japanese – Around 128 million total speaker
  5. German – Around 122 million total speaker
  6. Chinese- Around 918 million total speaker
  7. Arabic- Around 98 million total speaker
  8. Hindi -Around 341million total speaker
  9. Russian – Around 154 million total speaker
  10. Portuguese -Around 221 million total speaker

English Language:

As of now, there are more than 2 billion people who speak English which makes the English the largest language by number of speakers.  David Crystal  (British Linguist , academic, and author, known for the field of internet Linguistics) calculates that non-native speakers outnumbered native speakers by a ratio of 3 to 1  Which means  out of 2 billion people , 1.5 Billions are non-native and only .5 billion is native.   Because English is so widely spoken It has often been referred to as a “World Language”, the Lingua franca of modern Era. India has the largest number of second-language speakers of English.

Today the English language plays a fundamental role in our life whether it is for educational or professional life. The necessity of this language is so high that it can create an amazing personality of every individual. It becomes the only medium to communicate with people outside of our country. If you travel outside of your own country then your mother tongue will not help you to understand what other people want to make you realize.

This language is familiar from our childhood days as it is one of the significant languages of communicating besides the mother language. People who are especially taking education in English medium institutions, it is quite easy for them to talk as they taught to speak in this language. In contrast to others, especially other medium schools or institutes where English is an optional language, for them, it is quite hard for them to learn and speak the language fluently.

Therefore, it becomes very essential to learn the English language as well as speak the language fluently. However, it takes some time to speak the English language without halting and requires several practices.

Spokenmate, your language mate for life, has designed and developed its unique content and methodology based on the research.  We have got team of expert faculty who will make sure that now learning English is easy for everyone.

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